Support HAILEY'S Law

Technology moves faster than government. That's why we need HAILEY'S Law.

We've seen incredible improvements in our country's Wireless Emergency Alert system over the last decade. For instance, Nationwide wireless providers are now required to support "clickable" embedded links in alerts, so that users can click on a url to see a photo of a missing child, or to be assigned a search route during AMBER Alerts.

Unfortunately, these advances are yet to be utilized to improve our AMBER Alert system.

Thankfully, Senator Eric Burlison and Representative Curtis Trent have been leading the charge in Jefferson City to keep Missouri's AMBER Alert system up-to-date.

HAILEY'S Law would require the AMBER Alert oversight committee to meet annually to consider how new technologies might be leveraged to help improve the alert system. The legislation would also streamline the process that police officers have to go through to issue AMBER Alerts.