Honing Alerts Issued by Law Enforcement for Youth Safety

Rep. Jeff Pogue (R - Salem) spoke
 with Deputy Mikol Skaggs (left)
about HAILEY'S Law and app

HAILEY'S App is a web-based, route-assignment service that helps police officers coordinate the search for missing children. By assigning unique, pertient search routes to anyone that receives an AMBER Alert, we hope to encourage the public to assist law enforcement in bringing kids home safely.

HAILEY'S App was coded to honor the memory of Hailey Owens, whose life could have been saved by a more timely AMBER Alert. Dent County Deputy Sheriff Mikol Skaggs continues developing new features for the app to help modernize Missouri's AMBER Alert system.

How do we streamline AMBER Alerts?

✓ Coordination with police 
We work with state and local law enforcement officers to engage the public by sending unique, pertinent search routes with every AMBER Alert. We also allow law enforcement to send geo-targeted updates and notifications to our app users.

✓ Smart routing 
Our route assignment algorithm directs users to search near the same types of public locations that AMBER Alert abductees have turned up in the past. We give users clear, turn-by-turn directions to help find missing kids.

✓ One authoritative AMBER Alert broadcast 
We create individualized webpages that display pictures of children and suspects. Every page allows law enforcement to broadcast crucial updates and directions to the public.